Far East Joint | West Covina, CA

Here’s another spot in Southern California that you can go to if you don’t know if you want Korean or American food because its fusion! The spot is called Far East Joint and this is what I got…

Above are the curry fries. At first I was unsure of the combination of cheese and curry, but let me tell you…Amazing! So good. The was not over powering and the melted cheese still came through. Great combo.

Above is the Far East Fried Rice. I would have to say it’s pretty standard fried rice with spam, but the portion is really good. They serve it to you in a bowl, but I would definitely say it feeds 2 or 3 people. Along with the fries, I need a to go box.

As for the location and setting, it is in a nice spot. It is right in a small plaza with the main attraction being the movie theater. The restaurant itself has a sports bar kind of feel to eat because I believe they host all the UFC fights. However, there is no actual bar, but I do believe they serve alcoholic drinks.

I definitely would go back, and I have, but I would not say this is a “must” place to go. It is a spot to go to that would not be wrong if you are visiting the area or actually live in West Covina.

Staff was friendly, food was good and filling. Enjoy!

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