The Hot Dog Shoppe | Corona, CA

So I’m starting to think that my little brother is the real foodie of the family. He always is trying out new places and telling me about it. The other day he wanted to go check out the spot called The Hot Dog Shoppe out in Corona (California). This is what we got (to go)…

Above is my brother’s order. He got the Mac Daddy.

Above is my order. I actually let the cashier guy choose for me. He asked me if I had any dislikes, in which I told him, “I eat anything.” He ordered me the Godzilla. On top of the hot dog was pastrami, but spicy. It was good!

Above is the inside of the spot. It was pretty roomy. This was on a Sunday night, plenty of spots to sit down. The TV’s were all showing sports channels so this definitely had a sports bar type feel. Off in the corner  (not in the picture) is like a bar area to get your drink on.

Overall, I would definitely come back here to chill and just eat some good grub. Check it out if you find yourself out in Corona Cali.

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