Tatsu Ramen | Los Angeles

Late night in L.A. with the boys and so around 2am we ended up at Tatsu for some ramen..

It’s a pretty small spot so you can see people, even at this late (or early morning), waiting for their turn to be seated.

Just outside the front door is where you can order your food on these touch screens.

Above is what I ordered, the Soul Ramen. So good! Broth had great flavor and really hit the spot.

Just a close up 😉

This was my brother’s order. It was called the Old Skool Ramen. He started digging in on it before I could get a presentation picture. Who could blame him.

Well, if you ever find yourself on a cold LA night and need something to warm you up, this is the spot. Or if you have a craving for some good ramen, you can’t go wrong with Tatsu Ramen With A Soul.

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