Palm Springs, CA Round 2

So I recently went out to Palm Springs (if you haven’t read my last post), but I went out there again and this time I tried a sandwich spot called…The Sandwich Spot. It was Deeeelicious!

Here’s the sandwich I got known as The MILF. Not sure why and didn’t ask…I just ate it. The bread is the Dutch bread and it gave just a hint of sweetness. Really good.

Here’s another shot of The MILF. Inside was chicken, some other fixin’s but what you may have noticed is the cranberry. The chicken was good quality, but that cranberry, along with the bread, put it over the top!

As for the location, it is a bit hidden, but it can be found of the main road (where everything is at basically).

I can’t wait to go back and try another sandwich at this “Spot.” If you’re ever in the Palm Springs area, I say it’s a must try.

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