Minimalist Wardrobe: An Update

So one of the easiest and best places to start minimizing and being a minimalist is cleaning out your closet. I think I can still downsize a bit more but I’m pretty close to where I want to be clothes wise. So let’s take a quick tour…

Hanging up are my polos (work shirts). I have 7 of them; one for each day of the week. Also have 2 long sleeve button ups. Pretty plain in color so they can go with almost anything. I have 2 jeans, 2 Dockers-like pants (khaki and black). On the far right is any hospital lab coat.

Here are my T-shirts (folded the KonMari method way). As you can see, mostly black shirts so that once again, goes with anything. Actually on the right side, I have 6 plain black shirts that I use for undershirts.

I think this is an area I can minimize a little more very easily cause I noticed within the past month I maybe wear 2 or 3 shirts per week.

I was kind of iffy in showing my underwear drawer, but I want to share my clothes in total 😉

I have my dress/work socks on t he left and on the right are  my rolled up boxer briefs. I think I’m pretty good in this area.

That’s it. I counted 46 items in total. I feel happy with what I got in the way of clothing. I use mostly every piece regularly and because of the simplicity of the colors, I never really have to think of what to wear. Makes life so much easier in the early mornings of the work day when your brain isn’t fully turned on yet.

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