A Day Out In Palm Springs, CA


This is from a little spot on the main street in Palm Springs called Chicken Ranch. It was a pretty basic wrap as you can see; lettuce, tomatoes, and chicken…with a side of fries of course. The good thing about this spot is that they use locally raised chicken.

(Above: Chicken Ranch wrap and fries)

(Below: Hazelnut vanilla latte, Honey vanilla latte, and a Fuji X-Pro 1)

I think I’ve been to this spot about 3 times now. I really enjoy their iced lattes. They have one right next to the Chicken Ranch (really 1 or 2 stores down). The coffee shop itself is pretty standard. Just like any other Starbucks really, but with a red theme instead of green. Coffee’s better though 😉

If you’re ever out in Palm Spring try this spots out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

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