Shoe Dog: A Memoir by The Creator of NIKE

Finished another book. No reading this book though…audio book. Yet another good book. I read this book because I’m a self proclaimed sneakerhead, but you really don’t have to be into shoes to enjoy this book.


The book is exactly what it is. It’s about the origins of NIKE and the ups and downs of Phil Knight as he was creating an empire. I think that Knight does a great job bringing you along with him on his story. The book never gets too heavy into shoes, but of course they do talk about them. However, it never takes away from the actual story of Knight’s life.

I’ve always rocked NIKE and now I have a new fondness for the brand. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stock up on NIKEs or anything (I am a minimalist), but the NIKEs I do own I’ll take better care of 😉

For all those out there trying to start a business (myself included), this book is inspiring. Actually it’s not just for those trying to start a business, it’s for anyone looking for inspiration or just a good read.


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