Public School 213

During my weekend in downtown Los Angeles, another foodie spot I visited was this themed gastropub. I fairly positive you know what the theme is…if you guessed “school” you would be absolutely correct! This spot is also in the heart of downtown and you can’t really miss it if you’re on the look out for it. I believe it is really known for it’s assortment of beers on tap, but this night was a non-alcoholic kind of night. Here are some pics of the drink napkin and menu…


I ended up splitting an entree called the “Bangers & Mash.” It’s good enought to split between 2 people. It is 2 large chicken sausages on top of mash potatoes in caramelized onion au jus. It was good, but I would recommend it only if you want something easy to split between 2 people. The hit dish of the night was the appetizer! So let me show you that…(apologies for the grainy pic, the restaurant is dimly lit and I only had my phone camera)…


Above is the “Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower.” The dipping sauces were bleu cheese aioli and buffalo sauce. The breading is well done and not overly thick. The bleu cheese aioli was very smooth and not overly powerful tasting. The buffalo sauce was…buffalo sauce. As for this being cauliflower…it was surprisingly “meaty” tasting. Wasn’t sure on this one, but I gobbled them down. This appetizer is a must and if you want, I think it could be your entree to as well. It’s very filling and a big portion size if it’s just for one.

Definitely a must if you are there to just chat and hangout and drink beer.

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