Mendocino Farms (Los Angeles)

I recently spent the weekend in downtown Los Angeles and got my eat on. One of the first spots I tried was Mendocino Farms. It was a little spot tucked away in a plaza-type area (of course surrounded by buildings), but it was easy to find. Inside was small and had leather couches at some tables, but the outside seating was a-plenty. Anyways, if a sandwich is what you are craving, this place will not disappoint. So what did I get? Let me show you…


This sandwich is called the “not so fried” chicken sandwich. It was very good! The chicken was thin sliced and what gave it that fried crunchy texture is what they call “Mendo’s Krispies.” I believe it might be a type of fried cheese (don’t quote me on that for sure). But either way it gave a good crunch and flavor to the overall sandwich. As for the bread, it was toasted ciabatta and might’ve been toasted a little to long (wasn’t burnt), but I would’ve preferred a softer bread or maybe not as toasted (hopefully that makes sense). The chipotle bbq sauce was also very tasty and went well with the overall sandwich and the Mendo’s Krispies.

The sides that they offered were chips (of course) and an assortment of salads, which I did not get. I would’ve have loved some fries with my sandwich, but unfortunately that is not offered. The soda fountain is that artisan craft soda, so no big names (coca-cola, pepsi), but I had the black cherry cola and it was good.

Side note: if you are still jonesing for those fries, there is The Melt right next door and what I believe is a food court.

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