“It’s Just Words”

Been a while since I’ve posted anything related to politics, but I suddenly have the urge. Whether I’m for or against Trump, these new video and audio of him talking about women has prompted me to speak about it. When he made his public apology and then spoke on it during the debate (10/9/16), he talked about what he was caught saying were “just words.”

As I’m writing to you now, these are just words, when I read other blogs and peoples posts, they are just words, when a person is in the streets chanting “black lives matter”, those are “just words” too. Guess what, these words have an effect on me, they stir my emotions, they make make me think, they effect my decisions, they do a lot.

If you can use the excuse that they are “just words” then why have a law that prevents people from inciting violence (hate speech). I’m just saying the words, but I’m not acting on it, it’s other people who are committing the act. When my (future) son hears about how Trump talks about women and then he goes out and treats women like that, Trump can just say that what he said were “just words” (the President isn’t a role model or anything) I can do the same if I were to talk like that too (it’s not like a father is a role model either).

Anyways, everything a write about in my blog, when I write about foodie spots and my excitement about trying new foods, when I write about minimalism and how it has improved my way of living…

I’m not trying to get you to try new things and go on fun food adventures, or maybe helping you improve your life….my blog….they’re just words.

3 thoughts on ““It’s Just Words”

  1. I had to write about it too just for a release. This isn’t locker room talk, this is sexual predator talk. These are not just words, this was his admitting to improper sexual conduct. Those who defend him are those who live in a bubble.

    1. Take a look at the interview with Chuck Todd and Rudy Guiliani. Mayor Guiliani tried, but that interview showed that what trump said was indefensible.

      1. Oh I’ve seen every sorry excuse given by people defending him. I just posted a great post by Weekly Sift that nails some of it. You are right in your stance and it is such a shame that not in 2016 not every woman is standing up against this, after fighting for generations for women being not to be treated like property and having no justice system behind them. This is inexcusable. But people like you who are standing up on this issue are making the difference.

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