Lotteria in Kobe, Japan

So this post is a long time coming (taken back in March of 2016). I’ve had other posts that showed I’ve eaten here on previous visits, but this was a special visit. This is a burger from Lotteria in Japan, but not just any burger (which their burgers are absolutely delicious already!), this is a burger from Kobe. So you guess it right….it’s a Kobe beef burger!


Just an advertisement for the Kobe burger….a mouth watering advertisement.


Here are two combos. The burgers still neatly packaged underneath these golden fries.


And there it is. Looks so simple, but oh-so-tasty. The burger is probably about the size of a regular McDonald’s burger, but look how thick that meat patty is. It was super juicy, melts in your mouth, and just delicious.

Lotteria is one of my all time favorite fast food joints in Japan. So if you ever find yourself on that side of the world…GO! I don’t believe they serve this Kobe burger except in Kobe, but I enjoy any of their burgers.

Just. So. Good.

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