Leave It On The Counter Top

So just recently I went to go visit my sister and she has a little dog named Penny. Anyways, she asked my to take Penny for a walk while she did her thing around the house. The point to this set up is…I left my phone on the kitchen counter top and didn’t have it on me during my walk with Penny…AHHH!

But as soon as I realized that I didn’t have my phone (which was maybe 2 minutes from the start of the walk) I took it as the best thing that could’ve happened. I automatically became more mindful. I decided to just enjoy my walk with Penny, enjoy the fresh air, feel the sun, and  actually look at the scenery the neighborhood had to offer. Just being more in the moment, being more mindful. It was nice.

Next time you decide to go for a walk, leave the cell phone on the kitchen counter top.

5 thoughts on “Leave It On The Counter Top

  1. Your post is a great reminder of how easy it is to simplify our lives in small but meaningful ways. I tend to think, “I should quit Facebook”. The sheer magnitude of a change like that leads to paralysis. But you illustrate how easy it is to take healthy, mindful baby-steps. Thanks. -Jon

    1. Thanks so much!! I appreciate the words and I agree…if you can only do it for one day at the start but continually work towards progression, then you’ve already come out on top.

  2. Today I took my daughter to do a petsitting job and did not bring my cord and my phone died while I waited for her. It was fine. I took deep breaths and listened to tbe traffic and nature sounds. Nodded off. Relaxing. For a few minutes I got nothing done. That was good.

    1. That’s a great story! Who hasn’t been out and about and have their phone die in them. What an excellent way to take what most freak out about and turn it into a time that let’s you unwind. Nice!

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    Thank you and have an amazing day🙂


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