The Dinner Table Belongs in the Museum

So, I was sitting in on a webinar titled The Happy Healthy Kitchen: Creating Delicious Meals to Support Dietary Advice. Lots of good information, but what stuck out was a small side note that the speaker glazed over about Millennials and “the table.” She didn’t quote where she got her info from, but she said that more Millennials don’t own a table (I’m assuming she is referring to the dinner table).

I don’t know how factual her statement is, but I can believe it and that is a little depressing. I’ve mentioned how people are moving away from conversation and socializing because of the cell phone and now that the dinner table is gone, families and friends won’t even gather or be in the same room anymore. It was a time of day that we could count on to catch up on news and anything else that was going on with our loved ones.

In my situation, it’s usually just me and my little brother, but we sit at the dinner table and guess what…we talk and I find out what’s been going on with him and I let off some steam with whatever stressed me out at work.

The dinner table. It can improve mind, body and spirit. Get one…or make use of the one you already got 😉

2 thoughts on “The Dinner Table Belongs in the Museum

  1. While many millennials may not have dinner tables, I definitely think our generation has alternate rituals that can perform a similar task. Sitting on the couch or the porch with my roommates for a meal can be just as satisfying as sitting at a table. That being said, it’s definitely a lot harder to eat when you have nothing to rest your plate on haha I’d like to think we’ve just found alternatives to the table and aren’t throwing out the concept altogether! What do you think?

    1. That is a great point! I agree that maybe conversations have shifted outside of the dining table, but (and this is totally anecdotal) most of the time it’s moved in front of the TV/computer or everyone is on their cell phones. I feel that the dinner table is a place where there’s a little more control and you can tell everyone “no cell phones” and hopefully there’s no TV in sight.

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