Liebster Award!

I was kindly nominated for the Liebster Award by Sydney Kate ( Thank you!


The Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you
  3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the award.
  4. Let the bloggers know that you nominated them.
  5. Give them 11 questions of your own.

My Answers:

1. Given the choice of anyone in the world whom would you want as a dinner guest and why?

  • If I got to sit down with anyone in the world as my dinner guest, at this very moment, I would say Neil deGrasse Tyson (NDT). I love science and I think that NDT expresses his passion for science very well in the way he talks about it and he talks about it in a way that I can comprehend. Most things we know about how are universe works is through math and it fascinates me that numbers can tell us about….just about everything. NDT conveys that so well. I want to pick his brain!

2. For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

  • I am most grateful for my family. My Dad (number one), my two older sisters, and my younger brother. Might be cliche, but without them I for sure would not be where I’m at today.

3. If travel was something everyone did as a rite of passage growing up where would you recommend they go and why? (one country only)

  • I would recommend any Third World country. If I had to choose a specific one, I would say the Philippines (because I’ve been there). It takes seeing people living in true poverty, not just in a certain location, but rampant across the entire country. It takes seeing people living very humble lives and living off the land. It takes seeing other worldly troubles to understand and appreciate more of what we have here in the West.

4. What would be the best travel memory to have and how does it compare to what you have?

  • I think the best travel memory to have is getting lost in another country and discovering places, people and things you wouldn’t have discovered if you went on a tour or just went to the typical tourist spots. This is something I try to do in all my travels. Of course, I do this within reason. I’m not trying to get stranded.

5. Give a tip for other bloggers or potential blog starters:

  • Try not to think to much about what to write about, just write. You’ll eventually find out what it is you like to write about, but just write so that you can get the motor running. 

6. What is your favourite dish?

  • One of my favorite dishes is called Tapsilog (Filipino). It is usually eaten at breakfast and is made up of beef (or any type of meat, veggie meat), fried rice, and eggs. Simple dish, but always hits the spot.

7. Would you ever travel the world in a camper van?

  • 100% most definitely!

8. Give a travel tip from travellers:

  • Pack as lightly as you can.

9. What do you think of selfie sticks?

  • I don’t own one, but I see the convenience in them. To each his own.

10. When you have a writer’s block what do you do to work it out?

  • When I have writers block, to work it out, I just start typing. Sometimes I’ll ponder a little about topics, but in the end I just start typing and an idea magically pops up.

11. Who you gonna’ call?

  • Who calls anymore? LOL. I might text my cousin Jerrold next.


I would like those I nominate to answer these questions:

  1. If you could choose the job of your dreams, what would that be?
  2. If you could instantly speak another language other, what would that be and why?
  3. If you had the opportunity to be one of the first to go to Mars (knowing there is not a trip back to Earth), would you go?
  4. How do you feel about AI, artificial intelligence? Do you think it will end up going the way of the movies if it ever gets that advances in real life?
  5. Do you Pokemon Go?
  6. Where did you last travel and what was your fondest memory about it?
  7. Any good book(s) that you would recommend?
  8. Any good foodie spot(s) that you would recommend as a “must go” to in your area?
  9. Any tips for going Minimalist? And if you’re not, would you like to go Minimalist. Why or why not?
  10. Favorite exercise or activity (i.e. rock climbing, kayaking, etc)? And if you don’t, why not?
  11. What would be your last meal?


I nominate:

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