Going Minimalist: another update

I’m still in the middle of selling my sneaker collection. It’s been a slow process, but I’ve sold 16 pairs as of this post. As much as I want to just get rid of them, I have to be patient and at least make some money off of them. With the 16 pairs sold I’ve made $1,555.00. See, we can make money by having less! That’s just awesome and so motivating to go minimalist.

Here’s a list of my wardrobe:

  • 10 t-shirts
  • 8 dress shirts/”work” shirts
  • 3 pants (casual)
  • 3 pants (work)
  • 9 pairs of underwear
  • 5 pairs of dress socks (work)
  • 6 pairs of regular socks

I know I can still cut this down some more. Which brings me to another thing…minimalism can be quite addicting. I’m always on the look out for anything else I can get rid of. It’s pretty crazy and super satisfying once it’s gone.

Other things I’ve gotten rid of are:

  • some photography equipment
  • tons of cords and cables
  • a dresser
  • toy collectibles
  • stuffed animals
  • hats
  • storage containers
  • Magic Bullet (blender)

One last thing that I’ve also managed to really clean up are all my papers. I use to have piles of paper here and there, but now I’ve managed to get it into one spot on my table. No really organizational system yet, but it’s coming. I can definitely still cut down in this area.

To all those on the same journey of minimalism…keep on fighting the good fight!

9 thoughts on “Going Minimalist: another update

  1. Great read! I was wondering where you’ve sold a lot of your shoes and clothes? I’m also cutting down and going more minimalistic πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much. I sold my shoes through kixify.com. However, it is a niche site for those selling shoes like Jordan’s and other collectible sneakers. As for clothes, I donated all of them to Goodwill. The other collectible items I sold, I found through google. If it’s very specific type of items (like my collectible vinyl toys) then I’m sure google will lead you too a buyer/seller. Thanks again and wish I could’ve been more helpful.

    1. That’s so awesome! One thing that I’ve learned is that when you minimalist, you should go all out. I’ve tried previous times where I would slowly downsize, but it would just pile back up. So do as much as you can all at once for the less likelihood of bouncing back. Now back to your original question (lol), I would start with clothes, then books and papers, then nicknacks, and lastly the sentimental stuff. With all things, if it doesn’t bring you joy, toss it. You can apply this to your room or the whole house. Well, sorry for the winded response, but I hope this helps and keep us posted. Thank you!!

      1. thanks so much ! πŸ™‚ I live with my parents still so will mainly just be doing my room and all my possessions ! already done all my clothes but can’t wait to do my whole room πŸ˜„

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