I Just Talk About and Eat Food

Food makes it so hard to save money! That pretty much sums it all up. I love to eat. I’m a dietitian and deal with food all day every day. One thing that only compounds this problem is…I don’t cook so much. Now before I continue, you may be thinking, “but you’re a dietitian?” You would be correct, but I am a clinical dietitian. I work in the hospital, so my role with food is a little different. And to be a little more specific, I’m acute care, meaning inpatient with really sick people. Most of the time I’m just making sure that people are getting nutrition, let alone eating “healthy” for the typical 3-5 day stay.

I do give diet education, but you have to remember, patients in the hospital are not here for very long and typically I do not follow up with them once they leave (unless they get admitted again). Plus my patient load can range from 12-20 patient a day; meaning I can only give so much diet education. Of course I do the best I can, but it may not be as individualized as I may like it to be.

Hopefully this helps you see that cooking is not a major role in my job description. So, now that I’ve beaten around the bush…

Food makes it so hard to save money because I eat out all the time! I don’t eat out for every meal (mostly dinner), but it is quite often and for most days out of the week. It is the one area I know I can save a ton a money, but I love food…fast food…and sit-down restaurant food…and food truck food…and hole-in-the-wall food…ALL foods. It’s a shame that the food that I love is food that is cooked by other people.

What is a foodie to do? And a foodie who is also on a Spending Fast and trying to be a minimalist. I need help. LOL.

Side note: I’m 5’5″ and 68-70 kg (150-155 lbs). Pretty average. Thought I’d give the stats just in case you were wondering.

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