Chelo Creamery

Not just any old creamery…the ice cream is rolled! What?!? And the flavors…Oh…and the names…but I’ll let you find out when you visit. Clever.

Here’s three orders…with two more on the way! Flavors clockwise starting from the top: taro, chocolate/fudge, green tea.

(this one was mine!)

Warning: ice cream is made from scratch, so if you go on a busy day, you may be waiting a while. However, they do have other options that are ready to go like gelato, italian ice, ice cream and waffles, and shaved ice. Everything cold for those hot summer days…or if you’re in Cali…every day. It be hot all year long!

If you find yourself in the City of Industry in sunny California, get yourself a treat at Chelo Creamery.

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