At A Bicycle’s Pace

(My bike over the past 3 years and still going strong…well as strong as my legs are at least)

The benefits of riding a bike are inherent: improved health through exercise, better for the environment, saving money (bicycles don’t use gas, in case you didn’t know)… These are all wonderful things, but is there more to it than the obvious?

I’m glad we’ve asked the question because the answer is YES! Of course there’s more to biking than what’s already expected.

What you get is a viewpoint that most will not get. You see your neighborhood, your city, in ways that drivers do not. We all zip around from point A to point B not taking in much of our surrounding except cautiously (and sometimes not) paying attention to the traffic light.

When you get on a bike you have the speed to pay attention to what’s around you. You might see that mom and pop shop in your car, but you will on your bike. You might actually wave to your neighbors who are doing yard work as you pass by. Basically, you will find more and connect more with your community.

Side note: You also don’t have to bike where you live, you can take your bike to other places and explore there too…with the same benefits!

One more side note (promise): If you don’t have a bike or don’t know how to bike (no time is better than Now to learn), you can always go for a run/walk. Again, with all the same great things you get from biking.

Be mindful. We all could use a little fresh air and slow down. Life’s pace will keep on keeping on.

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