Maple House Chicken and Waffles

This combination is always a winning combo.

(Up top is rice and beans and the one down below is gravy rice)

This spot was discovered by me through my dad. He was in town near my work and we met up when I got off he suggested Maple House Chicken and Waffles. I don’t believe this is your typical hole-in-the-wall joint, but it was not busy at 3 in the afternoon when we went. However, I do hear it gets quite packed on holidays and weekends. The service was very welcoming and nice and the place was clean. Besides the food, what more could you ask for.

Now for the food. It was delicious. The waffles are delicious! Just enough hint of cinnamon and thick portions. If you ask me, I prefer these waffles over Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles (Roscoe’s is still delicious though). A further comparison between this and Roscoe’s is that Roscoe’s waffles are much much thinner. Flavor wise, they are definitely comparable, but my preference is thicker. With thicker waffles you also get a more light and airy kind of waffle.

The chicken also very tasty. The breading is great and whatever spices they use, it is not overpowering (unlike KFC). However, it was a bit oily for me. But don’t get me wrong, it was still delicious. Once again comparing to Roscoe’s, I would prefer Roscoe’s chicken over Maple House. Roscoe’s was not as oily. As for the breading/spices used at Roscoe’s, it is a bit more flavorful.

As for that gravy rice though…SO good. I happened, by chance, to ask the waitress her recommendation and she said “gravy rice.” Best recommendation ever! If you do end up trying Maple House and getting the gravy rice, be aware that they only serve it in the single serving sizes as pictured above…even when ordering to go (why?!?!).

Fortunately Maple House and Roscoe’s are not very close to one another, so you don’t have to really choose between the two. Whichever you are close by and you go to it, it’s a win either way. BUT, if you are in the Ontario/Pomona town area (California), then this is definitely a place to go a try out.

I mean c’mon…it’s chicken and waffles.

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