Giving Up Routines

Going on my Spending Fast/Minimalist journey, I too gave up a morning routine that involved some type of coffee shop. I would either go to Starbucks or the local donut shop and grab my morning breakfast. It wasn’t every morning, but I must admit it was most days of the week. I was spending anywhere between $4-$10. That means anywhere from $80-$200 a month. Ridiculous! But it was just something I did every morning and it felt very routine. It was mindless. We all have our routines or rituals, but we need to take a step back and really assess if we can do it cheaper or cut it out completely AND more importantly ask ourselves if this adds value to our lives and lead a more mindful life.

By the way…cool post 🙂

Setting a financial goal is the first step to success. And when we decided we had a long road ahead of us to achieve what we wanted, we knew we would be making some sacrifices. We started with the obvious money-suckers: eating out and clothing. We have two teenage girls at home and money doesn’t…

via How Going to Starbucks Helps Us Achieve Our Money Goals — And Then We Saved

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