What Can A Minimalist Buy?

Going minimalist is a lifestyle change and lifestyle changes don’t happen over night. So, there are times when I go back to my old ways and start finding myself browsing the internet and wanting to make purchases and…sometimes I do make the buy.

My recent interests have been every day carry (EDC) knives. I’ve been watching nothing but knife reviews and browsing all these different knife websites. Just the other day I made two purchases. It took me about a week to finally make the buy, but in the end I made. Do I really need these two knives? Nope. I could finagle in my mind a couple reasons why I might need them, but a necessity, it is not.

I do not think I’ll be returning these because I will use them, but once again, they were not necessary. The scary part is, I could see this becoming a new hobby of mine. First it was sneakers, not it knives. Who would’ve thought? My main reason for getting a knife, besides just liking it, is for self protection. But it’s not like I live in a bad neighborhood or anything. Another reason is to have one as utility. However, I do have scissors and an old pocket knife (that is still usable) from back in my military days.

Am I wrong for getting into something like this? Does this go against being a minimalist?

Just FYI, these are the two knives I ordered. Don’t have them yet, just pulled these pictures off google.


(Left to right: Boker+ “War Taod” and the Boker+ “nano”)

4 thoughts on “What Can A Minimalist Buy?

  1. Minimalism is about being happy with what you have. Though you are on the correct train of thought when you know they aren’t completely necessary. Minimalism is a journey and you will learn over time. Patience is key! 🙂 Minimalistdaily.wordpress.com

    1. I agree with you 110%! It’s a lifestyle change and that definitely means it will be a journey. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Much appreciated!

  2. I think it is great that you are questioning your decision to buy.. Could this be because you want security /power? Every object in our lives carries meaning.. But i wonder if you just need to realize you have already have what it is that you’re looking for.

    1. It could be. I might have to do a little soul searching. You are right, I do realize that I have everything I’m looking for, but there are times that that realization slips every now and then. Thanks for helping me get back on track. Very much appreciated!

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