Coffee I Must Have…Again

Just like my last post about a trip I took to Arizona, this as another spot I was able to hit up during my visit out there. If you know me, I’m a coffee junkie. I love coffee and I have a new spot that I must visit if ever I’m out in Arizona again. Here it is…


Dutch Bros Coffee!!!

So good! I would definitely visit go to one if you can even if you’re not a big coffee drinker. This one right here is an iced coffee called the “kicker.” This is a large and yes, it is LARGE. It’s smooth, no burnt tasted and the flavor added to it is very subtle. I’m not sure what flavor this one has, but the other drink I had was called the “annihilator” and it had macadamia nut. Not overbearing at all, but just enough to give that satisfaction.

Just get it.

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