Chino Bandido

Yes…that is a panda bandido.


So this was taken inside the restaurant called Chino Bandido in Arizona. This was a “fusion” restaurant of, guess what? You got it! Chinese and Mexican. This place was the hot spot (side note, it is clean, but very basic inside). Really enjoyed the food! My take away from what made this place popular, other than the food being delicious, but was the choices of “asian” meats that you could put in a quesadilla. Let me explain….wait….let me just show you….


So this was my order. It was chile relleno, jerk chicken fried rice, black beans, and the quesadilla, which was filled with “pollo diablo.” There other typical choices like orange chicken, teriyaki chicken, but I felt spicy that night.

Anyways, if you find yourself in Phoenix, Arizona area, highly recommend you drop by Chino Bandido.

So good!

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