Hopdoddy Burger Bar

A great restaurant that was very dog friendly. I have frequented this spot twice now, whenever I visited Arizona. However, I thought that it was a chain restaurant not to be found in California, but there’s actually several here in SoCal. As for the dog friendly part, we ate outside, the waitress offered us water for the dogs that were with us in an actual dog bowl and gave us dog treats. These dog treats were actually made by them fresh. The doggy treats were good…not that I tried them hahaha! But you could tell the dogs were enjoying them, especially knowing that they are picky treat eaters. Anyway, let’s see them food shots!….


This was their burger special of the day, a chicken burger (sorry can’t remember the name), but what made it really good was the patty was the typical chicken breast you would find in most restaurants. This was an actually burger-type patty that was moist and juicy and flavorful. I like it and will be order t again. And let’s not forget…


Truffe fries!!!

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