We’ve Sunk Our Battleship

Here was a picture of the all the metabolic pathways I had to memorize during my undergrad. So lets get started!

Kidding….this isn’t a biochem class, but something a little more abstract. Ha!

If you’ve studied a little bit of metabolism, then you know about all of the checks and balances the go along the way I order for the end product…ENERGY! From the foods we eat.

On the very basic level, the molecular level, the atomic level, it’s always about balance. Our bodies want to always have an “even keep.” If that’s the case, then that’s probably how we should live our lives as well.

In our current state of always wanting more, it can be with our food portions all the way to having bigger houses and more cars than people who live in the house, we are not keeping an “even keel.” I would have to say we are sinking.

We need to start living a more sustainable life. When we eat “bad” we feel bad and then get sick. When we live “bad” (eat lots of meat, drive gas guzzling cars…) our Earth gets sick.

Lets get back on track and tip the scales back in balance.

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