Where’d You Go Common Decency?

I get that the world this year has changed drastically and it will continue to change. Whether it’s sweeping the world this quickly or over many years; change is inevitable. We are all going through this and it really doesn’t matter what your struggle is because your struggle is YOUR struggle. If you have money problems and can’t pay rent; that is your struggle and the next person doesn’t know how you feel or what else is going on in your life. If you are rich and are stuck in your mansion in order to quarantine; that is your struggle and no one else knows how you feel or if there is anything else going on in your life.

We are all individuals going through our own personal struggles and it doesn’t matter what another person is going through. What matters is what you’re going through and how you are handling it. The one thing that is not different is that we are all human and we should treat everyone with the same common decency we would give to our loved ones.

Let us spread common decency to our fellow human being and remember that everyone has their own struggles just like you. It may be a different struggle than yours, but the feelings, the hardships, the toll it takes on a person is the same as yours no matter what it is.

Thanks for reading.

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