Hops N Drops | Tacoma, WA

So this spot used to be called Hop Jack’s, but is now known as Hops N Drops. Anyways, we had to try this spot because it is a regional/local/PNW chain. So, this is what we ordered…

I had the Jalapeño Burger.
My wife got the Steakhouse Burger.

The burgers were really good. I had a bite of my wife’s so I can say both were delicious. The beef patties were juicy and thick, but not overly thick and greasy. Flavors were on point as well. Unfortunately I didn’t care too much for their fries. I had actually ordered the garlic fries and my wife had the regular fries and I gotta say the garlic on top didn’t make a difference; it didn’t make it bad, but didn’t really help either. She thought they were good, but she likes crispy fries and these were a bit soggy.

Anyways, overall a place me AND my wife are willing to go back to. Definitely try it out if you visit Washington to try something local.

Hope you enjoyed.

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