Luke’s Donuts | Puyallup, WA

So me and the wife are always looking for a good donut shop and we came upon this one…

Luke’s Donuts can be found hidden in a small little plaza surrounded by businesses like the car stereo spot in this picture, there’s a paint store and behind me was an auto shop.
Here’s the menu. Due to the quarantine these were the options and you had to call it in and wait in your car.
And here are the goods! I got Option 1. These donuts were delicious, sweet, and soft. They also didn’t skimp on the free donut holes. Thank you!

These donuts were delicious, soft, and not overly sweet. If you like local shop donuts over chain donut shops, this spot is just for you. Anyways, let’s all eat local and I’d love to hear about your local donut shop or any local shop for that matter.

Hope you enjoyed!

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