Round 2: Registered Foodie Podcast

Hey everyone, quick post about how I’m going to restart my podcast. I’m going to structure it a little differently than before, but still have food and nutrition at its core. Haven’t posted any new episodes yet, but if you haven’t already, I’ve got episodes that are available to listen to now on SoundCloud and iTunes – links below…

Check out Art Loie Espidol on #SoundCloud

Thanks and Enjoy!

P.S. if there’s anything you all would like me to talk about, just let me know!

3 thoughts on “Round 2: Registered Foodie Podcast

  1. Health and nutrition to me is so silly because every country has a gimmick they think all others need to adopt. Like in the US with vegan, paleo, no MSG, gluten free, etc, yet the US doesn’t lead the world in regards to life span or being very fit…. we’re fat fucks, haha.

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