Budo Brothers Digital Seminar | Jiu Jitsu Deep Dive

Hey everyone! Wanted to share a way you can keep your mind sharp and keep your body moving during this time of quarantine and social distancing. You don’t have to be a BJJ practitioner to enjoy. All you need is a body that moves…and a training partner if possible.

Meet Professor Eli Knight.

Please use the link below to start your training. It does cost and with full transparency, I do get a kick back if you use my link. I will say that I have bought this digital seminar with my own money weeks before I actually became an affiliate and so glad that I did.


Just a quick review, but to start off, I am a BJJ blue belt and have been training a little over 3 years. Take that information as you will as I say that this digital seminar starts of with the very basics. The videos are short, but full of information. I did not skip any of videos and still got to take away details that I never knew about just by watching “the basics.” The fact that the videos are short is so awesome! There maybe over 170 of these quick instructional videos, but as a person whose watched many different instructional videos from various BJJ professors, they can get very wordy and lengthy and is not good for my short attention span. Plus, each video builds on one another so you aren’t going to being doing flying triangles on day one. The quick pace allows me to stay engaged and most importantly allows me to digest the information in a way that will stick. It also helps that Professor Knight does a great job at explaining the moves.

The video does show most things done with a partner, however, now is the time to be creative. A partner could be a BJJ dummy (expensive, yikes!), or you can make one, which I did, there’s pillows, stuffed animals, even your dog (I’ve tried with my dog and it was fun, didn’t last long, but fun. LOL). Anyways, have fun with it. It’s training, but more importantly it gets you moving when we are all stuck at home doing our part to flatten the curve and keep our loved ones safe.

Thank you for any and all support! Hope you enjoy.

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