Yataimura Maru | Portland, Oregon

If you read the previous post about Blue Star, this was the next spot me and the wife hit up for lunch that same day in Portland, Oregon for our Saturday Satur-date. Let’s get into it…

The menu. This is only one side, there were more options on the back, but I wanted to show the Oregon roll ’cause that’s what we ordered.

A view from where we were sitting (in a booth). Up above the bar seating were menu items. We honestly asked, but it wasn’t actually something you can order off of. HAHA! The masks are actual Japanese characters. Pretty cool.

This was their Oregon roll. I really loved it. It was very refreshing with that thin lemon slice on top. The lemon did cut through, but went well with everything in the roll and the albacore on top. Tasty!

This was our Tokyo Ramen. So good and it hit the spot like no other on this rainy Portland day.

One thing I must say is that I am married to a beautiful Japanese woman and she said that the ramen tasted like “authentic Japanese.” I’m not Japanese so I can’t concur with that, but the ramen was very delicious.

Video of our dishes.

I would definitely make this spot a consideration if you every find yourself in the Portland area. Must say that it can be a little tricky to find ’cause it almost seems like it’s in a neighborhood and parking can be frustrating. We ended up parking in the neighborhood right behind the restaurant. Also, we got there as soon as it opened at 11:30am and shortly after it was a full house. Go out there and check it out.

Hope you enjoyed!

4 thoughts on “Yataimura Maru | Portland, Oregon

  1. Thanks for the review! I live near Portland so will have to try this place at some point.

    If you like Ramen I recommend “Ryoma” and “Kuukai” (Kizuki), those are my favorites in Oregon.

    1. Very cool! Glad you enjoyed the review. It was good food and the next time we’re in Portland we are going to have to take you up on your recommendation. Thanks so much! Oh and let me know what you think whenever you go to Yatiamura, love to hear about it.

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