Blue Star Donuts Coffee | Portland, Oregon

Another Saturday Satur-date with the wifey and this time we drove down to Portland, Oregon. The main reason we went down was to check out Powell’s City of Book Store, which by the way is awesome, but we also wanted to check out food spots of course! This was our first spot….

This was the store front of Blue Star, kinda. It’s on the corner of the street so the other side is also a store front.

Just a view from our spot in line. Place looked very clean, modern, and definitely hipster.

I would definitely agree with this sign.

This was the menu. Doesn’t get any better than this when trying to decide what to eat.

This video doesn’t exist

A quick video of the 6 donuts we chose. Individual pictures below.

On the spot, we each ate one donut and I ate the Blueberry Cake (above).

Side note: best one out of the bunch! Also, my wife had the Chocolate Almond Ganache, which I forgot to take a solo picture of, but you can see it in the “menu” picture.

Just some nice lighting and something to read while waiting for your donuts

Old Fashioned.

Real Maple Bacon.

Hard Apple Cider Fritter.

Blueberry Bourbon Basil.

To date, I would say that this is the best donut spot I’ve been to. If you find yourself in Portland, OR, this is a must to go to. With all do respect, if you could only choose this or Voodoo Donuts, this should be your choice every time. Place was busy, but we didn’t wait long for our order. Any wait time was worth the wait.

Hope you enjoyed!

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