Moon Rise Cafe | Lakewood, WA

So here is another spot that me and my coworkers tried out for the first time (we go out for breakfast once a month to a new spot every time). The new spot we tried out was a place called Moon Rise Cafe and this is what I ordered…

The S.M.O.F.

It stands for sausage, mushrooms, onions, and feta. I got the home fries and sourdough toast to go with it. Portion size was pretty good. I would say that the plate was about 9.5 inches, standard. The omelette was decent. The feta cheese definitely gave it that little bump in flavor with every bite. The eggs were fluffy and they used that crumble kind of sausage, not the kind like you get at say Ihop. Also, I want to say that the jam was also homemade, but I’m not sure. Either way…it was good!

Side note, place is small and you might have to wait a little. We went on a Sunday morning at 9AM and we waited for 30 minutes. Not too bad. Anyways…

Hope you enjoyed!

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