Build-A-Burger: Round 2 | Tacoma, WA

So I have been to this burger joint once before when I first moved to Washington, but at that time they didn’t have the burger that I had on this day. My wife was reading the News Tribune in WA and she came across an article featuring Build-A-Burger out in Tacoma (link to the article found below). This article was highlighting their Korean inspired bulgogi burger, so we decided to try it out. Here it is…

Here’s a quick video of the bacon cheese fries and my already bitten into bulgogi burger.

Bacon cheese fries! It’s a good portion, but there might be some scrambling for the last few fries.

Close up the unbitten bulgogi burger.

This burger was very tasty! The bulgogi is already very flavorful on it’s own. If you don’t know what bulgogi is, it is thinly sliced beef marinaded in bulgogi marinade….haha! Obvious. I don’t know what the marinade is made of, but it does have a sweetness to it. Just go and try it!

Hope you enjoyed!

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