The Original Pancake House: Round 2 | Puyallup, Washington

So it was a lazy Sunday and me and my wife wanted to go out and have breakfast served to us. We decided to go to The Original Pancake House. It’s a spot that I actually drive by every day coming home from work. This post is also titled Round 2 because Round 1 was when my and my wife first tried the Original Pancake House in Fukuoka, Japan (blog on that can be found here –  Anyways, here’s what we got…

We got pretty fancy coffee mugs. They were actually selling these for $20, but we didn’t get them.

Both our meals came with a side of pancakes, but I got the eggs and hash and my wife got the thick cut bacon and eggs. Very simple looking, but very tasty and filling.

Just a close up.

And of course another close up of the pancakes. Fluffy and light with the whipped butter…yum!

This place is good, the portion sizes are decent, but the prices are a little steep. It was about $40 for everything you see here. The service was very nice, the place was clean, but not sure if we’ll be going back any time soon. It’s a place you might want to try out, but know that you might be reaching a little deeper into your pockets.

Hope you enjoyed!

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