Little Big Burger | Seattle, WA

So this was our post hike meal…

This is the store front.

The spot opens at 11am and guess what…we were there at 11am. Haha! We sat in the corner for this is a good view of the entire place. Over where the worker is standing is where the grill and fryer are located.

This video doesn’t exist

Quick video of our truffle fries and my doubler cheeseburger.

He a still picture of my double cheeseburger. It truly is smaller in size than a regular than say a Quarter Pounder from McDonalds, but the patties are thick and it’s just as filling.

Here are our truffle fries. I saw them toss these up in a truffle oil. It was decent. Fries were crispy and hot. I must say though, we ordered to orders of fries and it was a ton! Sadly we could not finish them all. What a waste 😦

Unless you’re not willing to share your fries (and most times I’m not willing. Ha!), you can easily share one order of fries among two people.

Here’s my burger halfway eaten, but I wanted to give a better pictures of the beef patties.

Side note, this was a post hike meal. We hiked at Discovery Park and this was close by and on our way back to the city. If you’re in that area, it’s a spot I would put on your radar.

Hope you enjoyed!

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