The Kettle | Enumclaw, WA

Another breakfast spot I went to with my buddies from work called The Kettle. Here’s the spot…

This is the opposite side of the diner, but here are the backs of my two coworkers. Haha!

The front of the menu. A nice little back story as to why this place is called The Kettle.

Inside the menu.

This was my order. Introducing The Original Enumclaw Scramble. As you can see, this was a small hill of food. It contained potatoes, Italian sausage, eggs, and cheese. I think that was about it, but boy did it hit the spot. So good!

This was the cinnamon muffin that came with my meal. They give you the choice of this one or a blueberry muffin. I’ll have to try the blueberry one next time ’cause for sure I’m coming back!

Hope you enjoyed!

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