Cool Bean Espresso | Puyallup, WA

As I’ve come to explore more of the local shops around town, I cam across this little coffee shop called Cool Bean Espresso…


The Front. It’s in a very tiny plaza and can easily be missed if not on the look out.


Inside this is what you see and right over yonder is where you can order. Very clean spot and welcoming.


One of my very first drinks here called the Cool Bean Frappuccino. Good stuff and I would say that it is very comparable to a Starbucks mocha frap.


This is the table that I usually sit at, which is off to the left had side as soon as you walk in. This point of view basically shows the rest of the shop. Right behind me would be the wall. I will say that there are plenty of plugs to charge up your electronics and to the wall on my left (from the point of view) are USB ports. Very nice! Free WiFi as well of course.


A nice jalapeno and cream cheese bagel. I have to say that they do not skimp out on the cream cheese. Excellent! Oh by the way, I believe they toast the bagel with the cream cheese on! That right there along deserves 5 stars on Yelp.


I’m currently addicted to their Drip coffee and as you can see, they also have a drive thru. The customer service is on point! They are super friendly and right away made me feel as if I was a regular. It’s been only about 2 weeks, but I can comfortably say that I am a regular now.

If you every find yourself wandering around Puyallup, WA and need a pick me up or a place to chill and relax while sipping some coffee, definitely recommend this spot.

Hope you enjoyed!

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