Karaage Burger | San Mateo, CA

As me and my brother were driving our way up to Washington state from Southern California, we met up with a good friend near San Francisco in a place called San Mateo to eat some lunch. Where we met up was at this spot…

What you see as you first enter the shop. The polaroid pictures you see up on the wall is because they have a food challenge. Really cool and possibly a future challenge I (you) may try.

View point from the table I was sitting at of the rest of the shop. I was on stools with a table attached to the window (facing the parking lot) and right by the entrance.

The menu.

The Karaage Classic (chicken).

Nori Fries. Instead of salt, it’s seaweed!

A spot you might want to try out if you find yourself up in the San Francisco/San Mateo are.

Hope you enjoyed!

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