My Lil’ Cube | Puyallup, WA

Through the help of Yelp, me and my brother found our way to this spot called My Lil’ Cube: Ramen & Asian Cuisine…

The outside of this nice little spot.

Inside the shop from my table point of view. There was 3 more tables (for 4 people each) behind me and that would be about as big as the shop is.

This video doesn’t exist

I video of my order, which came with some miso. Yum!

The obligatory still shot of my Chicken Curry Katsu Don served in a triangular bowl, which was kind of cool. This dish was tasty and the pickled radishes and the potato and ginger on top make this dish even better.

This is a very cute little shop in near the fairgrounds in Puyallup and a spot I will try again, but I’ll showcase the ramen for sure when My Lil’ Cube post #2 comes around.

If you find yourself in Puyallup, WA then come try out this little spot.

I hope you enjoyed!

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