The Famous Sasebo Burger | 佐世保市, Japan

Some of the sites to see in Sasebo which is right outside of the train station. It quiet, peaceful, and beautiful.

So calm and serene.

And now for the food…


The Log Kit is part of the train station. You can order from the inside, but it also has a very very small dine in spot accessed from the outside.


Our feast! Consisted of two Sasebo burgers, fries, onion rings, and yes…tacos! The tacos were very delicious.


You could order either the small or large burger. You already know which size is a must to order…size L! This burger was very tasty, especially with that egg in there.

Just as a heads up, we got this burger at the train station, but there are lots of places that sell the Sasebo burger.

Hope you enjoyed!

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