Minimalism Is A Martial Art

Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.

– Bruce Lee

What a cool quote from a martial artist that speaks directly to the minimalist in me. As minimalists, we are constantly scrutinizing our possessions and getting rid of things and stuffs that are useless to us or no longer provide us with any value.

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But that last part is what really got me thinking, the part about adding what is specifically our own. We all want to be unique and sometimes that means buying things that’ll make us stand out; the latest pair of Jordan’s, a new car, trendy clothes.

We sometimes get caught up with our possessions that we forget what actually makes us unique and special. The people in our lives that love us stay in our lives because they see us for us. They value the person we are and not the things we own.

By minimizing your stuffs and things, you are able to concentrate on the actual things that bring you value, which makes whatever you do “specifically your own.”


4 thoughts on “Minimalism Is A Martial Art

  1. All styles of Martial arts were started by individuals that after studying a style realized that they had something of their own to add. That is why there are so many diverse styles today.

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