BBQ Chicken | Diamond Bar, CA

If you like shopping at Asian supermarkets, then a really good one to go to is H Mart. It’s a Korean grocery store and I bring it up because there is a small restaurant nearby in the same plaza called BBQ Chicken that also happens to be Korean. Anyways, let’s just get to the food…sorry about my roundabout intro 😉

My sweet and sour fried chicken combo. Comes with salad and rice. Confession…I really just wanted the rice. Haha! I’m Asian 😉

Gotta get a close up of those crispy, and I mean CRISPY, chicken drumsticks. It’s not your average KFC crispness…it’s definitely on another level. It’s also not greasy, so I think that’s what keeps it crispy until the last bite. This (above) was the sweet and sour flavor with mild spiciness, but I must say that it was a very very mild spicy (still delicious either way). I definitely want to go back and try other flavors.

On a side note, the restaurant also gives warning, but you will wait a little longer than you expect for fried chicken because it’s made fresh. Meaning they don’t fry up a ton of chicken and have it sit under a heat lamp.

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