Honolulu Coffee Experience Center

One of the first things we did as we walked around Waikiki was experiencing  the coffee…the Honolulu Coffee Experience to be exact. Down below is where it all took place…

The outside of the shop

They roast their own coffee beans in the centre of the shop…so cool!

The menu was posted on the outside, at the front door.

Above is the absolute delicious Kona Frost, Hawaiian…MmmmmMmmm

Above are pancakes, but off to the side is a Kona coffee whip cream…YUP! Tasty pancakes and was definitely a big portion.

We ended up going to this coffee shop twice and you can find stands at the Ala Moana  Mall, so you bet we also got it there too 😉

Definitely recommend at least trying it once, but I’m positive you’ll be getting it on the daily during your time out in Honolulu.

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