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So I spent the weekend at my sister’s house and she introduced me to something…a frozen dinner meal plan to help with weight loss. She let me try out a couple of the meals and here they are…



So if you were to ask me rate these meals on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I would have to give these meals around a 5 or 6. I do have to say that they were lacking in flavor, but with that said, it should be noted that I do eat a ton of take out (fast food). So, my taste buds might not be accustomed to the lack of additives.

Which brings me to why I still support Bistro MD. The food is created by actual chefs who hand pick the ingredients. They use responsible resources for the food. They have Registered Dietitian (RDs) on staff for free support. They have RD support for FREE, call me biased, but that pretty much has me sold 😉 Oh by the way, I’m a Registered Dietitian. LOL.

Here’s a link to get a little more detail on what I briefly described above:

Lastly, it goes without saying, the convenience of having your meals already prepared (just microwave) is kinda priceless.

They have all different types of plans and you can get up to 3 meals per day plus snacks. It’s very customizable. There are even some disease specific plans, like diabetes. You can choose food preferences and what not so that you don’t get anything you don’t like. Meals can be delivered weekly 5 or 7 days out of the week. Do it how you want to do it. I did a little quick math and it can be about $7.00 per meal. If you meal prep, it can be way cheaper, but we all have to weigh out pros and cons whenever making decisions.

If you end up giving it a try, please let me know how it goes. Enjoy!

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