Shake Shack L.A.

Now I know it’s been a while since Shake Shack made it’s appearance on the foodie scene, but I’ve only recently have tried this spot. This picture was in the Hollywood, Los Angeles location, but the first time I had Shake Shack was at the location in Las Vegas, Nevada.

(Meal for two, but same combos: Coke, fries, and the Shack Stack)

One of the things I really like about the Shake Stack burger is the mushroom. Yes! only one mushroom for the burger. It is breaded and deep fried. Oh, and did I mention it’s also stuffed with cheese! So when you bite into that bad boy, the cheese will start to flow like lava. I think that’s why there’s a red sticker on the side of the burger that says, “Caution HOT!”

Anyways, I remember the hype about this spot when it was only out in New York and the lines were going around the block (quite literally). The lines have died down since, but the hype is real. The food is so tasty!

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