The Minimalist Photographer

One of my passions or favorite hobby (out of the many hobbies that I have) is photography/videography. When it comes to minimalism, staying on the minimalistic path can be harrowing, but photography keeps me on the straight and narrow. Shooting a camera for me is more than just “getting the shot.” It gives me an outlet and a reason to get out there and experience other things and places, other people, other cultures. It helps give me experiences, which is what one of the core values is when it comes to minimalism.


Kyoto, Japan


Santa Monica, California


Seoul, Korea


Great Wall of China


Banaue rice terraces, Philippines

Just like our stuff and things (sentimental stuff and things especially), once we’ve experienced them and they’ve been collecting dust, we should let them go because they’ve served their purpose and maybe someone else can enjoy an have an experience with them if you donate or sell.

Photos taken by: me, Art Loie

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