Anthony Bourdain: Kitchen Confidential

It’s been a while since I read this book. Actually it’s been several years, but here I go with my take (and a quick take at that) on this book by Anthony Bourdain titled  Kitchen Confidential


So this book isn’t a cookbook, but if you watched any of Anthony Bourdain’s TV show, this book reads just like that…intriguing. The food is really secondary to what the book is really about…and that’s mister Bourdain’s experience working in various kitchens as a dishwasher all the way up to the cook and everything in between.

I really like the book, it was crazy to learn that a restaurant’s kitchen could be so dramatic from bussing the tables to sex in the back room. The book also showed how he was truly a hustler and a grinder, but he surely did not skimp out on  living a rockstar life…and by that I mean all the drugs.

If you’ve been following Anthony Bourdain or even just discovered him on CNN with Parts Unkown, learning the roots of where mister Bourdain came from give you a whole knew understanding as to why he’s so qualified to be hosting these types of shows. He’s seen it and done it all, from the “culinary underbelly” to prime time TV.

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