The Great Conflict

I believe that being a minimalist and a foodie can have its struggles. You try to be more frugal. Eat out less. Cook more meals at home. But I do it and I think we all do it…we go out on food adventures and spend frivolously on food. Stuffing our faces with food that is going to just come and go…and is probably not all that good for our health either…


Everyone of these pictures above has a story to it. Friends and family were present and these have become moments that I will always remember and cherish. Now, I don’t go out on food adventures all the time, but when I do I’m always sure to enjoy the company I’m with and will always be able to look back and reminisce on all the laughs we had over delicious food.

Sometimes being a foodie means you’re more concerned with the picture and “likes”, but don’t forget to enjoy the food that was prepared for you and be thankful for those that prepared it and the people you are sharing that meal with.


Enjoy the food, but enjoy even more the company you share it with. Be mindful.

2 thoughts on “The Great Conflict

  1. I struggle with this juxtaposition as well. But ultimately feel that I choose minimalism as a means to make room in my life for the things that bring me joy and food certainly does. So too does the experience of discovery and in sharing that with loved ones.

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