The Donut Man

I heart donuts. What else is there to say. This donut shop however, is on another level. As you can see, that strawberry filled donut is what it is known for, as it should be. It’s delicious!


This is the front window of the shop and to the left is the order window. There is no place for you to eat inside, but that won’t stop you from devouring this in your car. Warning: it will get all over your steering wheel.


Here we have the strawberry filled donut and an apple filled one. Best way to get your recommended servings of fruit (but really it’s not…sorry, I am a dietitian). Both donuts give tons of flavor, but it is not overly sweet. The donut is as soft as can be and if you like filling, there’s tons of it!


You know you can’t got to a donut shop and not pick up the mandatory dozen.

The Donut Man can be found in Glendora, California. Just in case you do find your way to the shop, they serve based on what’s in season.

So worth it!

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